Coyote Spotted In The North End Yesterday

The coyote was seen on Copp's Hill yesterday, and an effort has already been made to track him or her down.

Residents spotted a coyote in Copp's Hill, which is near Beacon Hill and close to the Charlestown Bridge, on Sunday morning, according to this post on NorthEndWaterfront.com

Per the NorthEndWaterfront.com post, environmental police were dispatched, but there's no word on whether he or she has been caught yet.  Coyotes typically mate in January, February, and March, are omnivorous, and will eat garbage, so it's more likely that he or she was looking for an easy meal from a trash can than a new coyote friend.  

The last time a coyote was found near the center of Boston -- also in the North End, in 2008 -- the Animal Rescue League Of Boston took him in to Tufts University's wildlife veterinary clinic in Grafton and made plans to release him or her to the wild, according to this Boston Globe article.  

So, if you see a coyote on Boston's city streets, call the Animal Rescue League Of Boston immediately at (617) 426-9170.  

According to their website, the Animal Rescue League is "the only animal welfare agency in Massachusetts that has an entire department dedicated to field animal rescue services," and, of course, they're also the only animal welfare agency in Massachusetts that has experience with a North End coyote. 


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