Report Graffiti & Help Keep Back Bay Clean

Please help clean up your section of the neighborhood.

The following is a press release from the Graffiti NABBers, a Neighborhood of Back Bay committee committed to keeping the streets and it's fixtures clean.

Stroll down beautiful high-end retail destination Newbury Street or Boylston Street, and you are likely to see evidence of a long-term problem that has bedeviled the Graffiti NABBers for nearly six years: street fixtures that are defaced with graffiti, stickers, stencils, flyers, posters, expired signage, tape, string, wire, and gum. This illegal vandalism makes even a beautiful part of the city look like a blighted area.

Anne Swanson of the Graffiti NABBers, Michele Messino of the , and Meg Mainzer-Cohen of the are working with Joanne Massaro, Commissioner of the Public Works Department, and other city agencies to improve the condition and cleanliness of the commercial streets of the Back Bay Historic District. The city will be working with the local neighborhood and business associations to identify maintenance issues of the commercial streets in the spring and fall, and the citizens are strongly encouraged to report problems via Citizens Connect.

We urge property owners, managers, tenants, and residents to share responsibility for maintaining the streetscape. City Code requires that “business owners or employees should sweep sidewalks and gutters removing any garbage, trash, and debris; failure to do so may result in a $25 fine.” This includes cleaning tree pits in front of your building.

The City of Boston’s Citizens Connect offers a very efficient method for reporting problems. Requests are tracked, and city departments respond promptly. The city will forward requests to the appropriate utility or state agency or the US Postal Service. Here’s how it works:

For reporting onsite, simply download the Citizens Connect app to your iPhone or Android, and report the problem, including a photo for clarification. Alternatively, on your computer go to the cityofboston.gov website, locate Select a Service Request, select Graffiti Removal or the appropriate category, enter your email address, the location of the problem, and a description of the problem. Then attach a photo if possible to show the nature and scale of the problem.

You can also call the Mayor’s Hotline at 617-635-4500 to report the problem to a person.

Illegal advertising through stickers, flyers, posters, and stencils is punishable by a fine of $300 per offense. Inspectional Services Department inspectors levy fines for illegal advertising. Enforcing existing regulations will educate companies and individuals that this clutter defaces the city.

We all have a stake in the beauty and cleanliness of the Back Bay commercial district. The cooperation of residents, businesses, and city officials has made the Back Bay a great asset to the city. Please help contribute to that success!


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