It's a Celebration at the Clayton Farmer's Market

Fill your baskets, greet your friends The Farmers Market never ends. One season flows into the next, With heartfelt wishes for the best.

Even though our calendars mark the beginning and ending of the seasons in clearly delineated boxes, the actual change of one season into the next is characterized by less defined boundaries.  As I've watched this year's seasonal changes through the village life of the Clayton Farmer's Market, I'm reminded of how the nuances and activities of daily life are really miniature celebrations of the earths seasonal passages.

When I was little, my Mom's roses on the south side of our house only bloomed and smelled really, really good in the heat of the Summer, around the time when we had sleep-overs on the screened-in back porch. Just like the two little girls who visited the market this summer with their Dad for waffles in the morning--in their PJ's, we would run out to the Ice-Cream Truck for our treat--also in our PJ's. Definitely a summer activity!

Somehow the cicada and cricket music of the summer turned into satisfying leaf-crunching sounds on the way to school. And, during family Fall drives in the country, I thought the colors on the trees looked like giant bowls of "Fruit Loops". The colors of the vegetables at the Market this fall are amazing.  While I wouldn't compare them to a bowl of cereal (now that I'm a growing-up), I marvel at the wide array of colors, artfully placed on market tables as if by a painter arranging his palette.  

When kids grow up in families where the selection and preparation of food is intricately entwined with the changing of the seasons, they not only have memories similar to mine--where food and nature are connected, they have an understanding and appreciation that something special is happening--a daily celebration made up of many little ones. 

They also know why pumpkin pie is traditionally eaten in the Fall, strawberry shortcake is enjoyed in the spring and peach cobbler of course is best in the Summer.  It's because of the seasonal availability of the fruit.  In today's world when any kind of food can be had at any time from the far reaches of the world, eating regionally grown food when it's in season gives new meaning to the concept of "Seasonal Celebration". 

This week as I prepare for the Clayton Farmer's Market Closing Day Celebration, I remember our Opening Day in the Spring.  Some things are the same.  The Bagpiper's Call to the Market is set for 8:30am and the Bluegrass music by Pik'n Lik'n is confirmed. The Face Painting Artist, Michelle Ries is excited to return.  The tents will go up and all our Local Farmers, Artisan Food Producers, and Artists will arrive ready for another successful day at the Market.

Some things are also different. Birds have flown south taking their chirps and tweets with them. There's a crispness in the air that only occurs in the Fall when the sun-warmed soil of the Summer meets the jet-stream coolness from the north. The smell is different too; as the rich vegetation growths of the year die and rot they give off a musty, sweet odor--that says Fall is here and Winter is on its way. 

The best difference? There's a sense of accomplishment and completion that accompanies the Fall Harvest Season. Even as the fields are turned over and sowed with cover crops and the Market's tents are readied for storage, we can lay the year to rest knowing it was a job well done!

FEEL LIKE A PARTY?                                                                              
Join us for the Clayton Farmers Market's Closing Day Celebration
   Saturday, November 5, 8:30am-12:30pm   

CALL TO THE MARKET 8:30am-9:00am Master Piper, Chris Apps is opening the Day’s Festivities with Ceremonial Tunes played on his Bagpipes.          

GREAT MUSIC 9:30am to12:30pm Pik’n Lik’n is a spirited and talented group of musicians led by Ed Belling.  They are here to send us out in grand Traditional Bluegrass style with a few musical surprises thrown in for good measure.

SPECIAL VISITOR KDHX Radio 88.1 FM  Local Public Radio Station is the best in the nation at bringing unique, one of kind music and programming to its listeners.

CHILDRENS ACTIVITY TENT Michelle Ries of Fantasy Faces Airbrush Art will wow everyone with her extraordinary designs.  Stop by for a special memento!

Free blood pressure screenings and nutrition information

GREAT EATS--Yummm! Smoked BBQ, Entre.stl Breakfast Burritos, Waffle-licous Sugar Waffles, Coffee, Trail Lodge Tea and Treats for the Kids!

Sit Around the Market Fire With Family and Friends

We’re a stop along the road to anywhere!

Visit www.claytonfarmersmarket.com or call 314-913-6632 

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