$1 Million Winning Tickets Bought on Beacon Hill and in the South End

The winning ticket was sold at the City Convenience Store on Beacon Street and 7-Eleven in the South End.

Two people who bought their Powerball tickest on Beacon Hill and in the Suth End each won $1 million last night.

Although no one in Massachusetts hit all six numbers to win the full $579 million Powerball prize, two winning tickets sold in Boston for $1 million were purchased at the City Convenience store at 23 Beacon St. and the 7-Eleven store at 1306 Washington St. in the South End.

This is the second time in two years that City Convenience has sold a $1 million ticket, according to the store's district manager, Al Lishman. The last million-dollar ticket was from a scratch ticket.

"Call us the lucky store," Lishman said. He doensn't know which customer won last night's million-dollar prize but said he hopes the winner comes in to the store for a personal congratulations. 

"We're very excited for our customer. The customer hasn't come forward yet but I congratulate him," Lishman said. Other City Convenience customers who've heard of the win have also been very excited, he said. 

There were two grand prize winners Wednesday night, according to the Powerball website. Neither was sold in Massachusetts.

There were four $1 million winning tickets in the state. Besides the two tickets sold in Boston, two more were sold in Southbridge and Rockland. 

How did you do? Did you have any of the winning numbers? Use the comments section below to tell us how many tickets you bought and how many numbers you actually hit.


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