Beacon Hill Has Highest Ratio of Women Living Alone in Boston

Boston also has among nation's highest numbers of single women to single men.

If real estate analytics have anything to say about modern love, a lot of women on Beacon Hill and a lot of guys downtown will be spending Valentine's Day alone.

Looking at who living solo where, Jed Kolko of Trulia Trends found that not only is Boston a tough dating scene for women (or a good one for men), single ladies living alone are particularly concentrated on Beacon Hill and the in West End.

Similarly, Nerd Wallet reported last week that Boston is the best city in America for single men to find a date. (San Francisco was the best for women looking for men.)

Trulia, a real estate website, looked at not only the sheer number of single men to women, but at who is living alone. They found that in Boston there are 1.09 single women living solo for every guy who is doing the same. 

Although even in a city where there are 93 single men per 100 single women, downtown and the waterfront are more blue than pink. 

This trend, what Kolko called "Uptown Girl, East End Boy," could be seen in other American cities: solo women outnumbered men in Beacon Hill, the Upper East Side, and Beverly Hills, while men concentrated in downtowns and more newly developed parts of Boston, New York and L.A.

The good news (for ladies)? In a small city like Boston, you just need to walk across a park to meet someone in their neighborhood for a drink.

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