Fundraiser for Military Dogs' Vests Saturday at Audrey's

Vest-A-Dog team will be at Audrey's selling calendars.

The following was submitted by Brittany Bang, owner of Audrey's Pet Supply, at 296 Newbury Street:

Audrey's has been a longtime supporter of Military Working Dogs and more specifically we have donated for the past 3 years in row to Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog which is a nonprofit who raises money to provide bullet proof vest to our K9 troops. 

Each vest costs anywhere from $750-1000 because they have to be specifically made to fit each dog. These vests provide protection against anything from blunt force trauma, being kicked, punched, or of course being shot at.  Military dogs are just as big of a part of our Police team as their two-legged team members and should be protected as so. 

Each year, Vest-A-Dog puts out a great calendar to help fundraise and pay tribute to our working dogs.  On Saturday the 15th the Vest-A-Dog team will be at Audrey's selling calendars, educating customers on their organization, and of course providing some great photo opportunities. 

Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog which is a charity that helps fund vest's for our Massachusetts K9 team members. I love this organization because it hits so close to home and the dogs and their handlers that are featured in their calendar are all MA officers either at the state or local level.  


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