Hopefully Your Day Goes Better

Five things to know on Thu, Feb. 16.

1. Today will be sunny early on, with clouds moving in later in the day, and a high around 50. The evening brings a light rain and showers.

2. Hopefully your days goes better than the person who owns the car in this photo. Posted by @itslisakeller on Twitter. If you've got some of your own pictures to share, add 'em to our 

3. 'Boston Driver' to become synonymous with 'safety and civility?' You may chuckle, but city councilor Matt O'Mally  for pedestrians and cyclists. He received support to hold a public hearing at 11 a.m. on Tuesday to discuss things like more left-turn lanes, better crosswalk signals and more. Massachusetts, btw, currently has the 10th highest rating in the nation for pedestrian deaths, O’Malley told his colleagues.

4. Ask and you shall receive.  against the MBTA's two proposals to cut services and raise fairs - so they came up with . It would raise fares by 25 percent (as opposed to 35 or 43 percent) and keep all service by shifting costs to other state agencies. They've also got some creative ideas like charging institutions that have T stops names after them (think Harvard and Museum of Science.)

5. What's the most important U.S. Senate race issue? Yes, the March 6 presidential primary is on your mind, but the Sept. 6 Democratic senate primary is not long after. So  on what you think should our legislators should focus on.


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