Update: Alleged Victims Speak Against Release of Catherine Greig

Greig, girlfriend of James "Whitey" Bulger, will voluntarily remain in jail while a judge decides if she will be released pending trial.

Family members of alleged victims of James "Whitey" Bulger spoke out against his long-time girlfriend's request to be released from prison.

Catherine Greig, 60, appeared in U.S. District Court in Boston Wednesday for the second half of a detention hearing . Creig's attorney, Kevin Reddington, is seeking to have Greig released to the confinement of her sister's home while she awaits trial on a charge of harboring a fugitive. The request is under consideration by Magistrate Judge Jennifer Boal.

Reddington said Greig just wants to be reunited with her twin sister while the charges pend. He called Kevin Weeks, a long-time associate of Bulger, to the stand, who described Greig as "caring and compassionate."

But prosecutors said Greig was a willing accomplice to Bulger while they were and she knows how to necessary to go back on the run.

Four family members of victims spoke at the hearing, describing the suffering they have gone through while Bulger and Greig have been fugitives. They urged Boal to deny the request for release.

“She does not deserve the freedom, having assisted an America’s most wanted criminal the last 16 years," said Steve Davis, whose sister Debra was allegedly killed by Bulger in 1981.

"In my eyes, she’s an evil woman,” Davis said.

Christopher McIntyre, whose brother John was allegedly ordered killed by Bulger in 1984, said Greig's sisters home - where Greig wants to be confined - is only about 100 yards from the residence of his 84-year-old mother.

"I think that in itself should deny this," McIntyre said. "Some restraining orders are stronger than that."

Greig agreed to voluntarily be held in jail while Boal considers the request. Greig's defense will also have the opportunity to submit further filings on the motion while it is under consideration.

Greig "Liked Bad Boys"

Special Agent Michael Carazzo of the FBI continued testimony Wednesday morning. He recalled a recent interview with "Wendy," a hairstylist at Hair Cuttery in Santa Monica, Calif., who said she and Greig spoke of their relationships.

“Catherine Greig told her she liked bad boys," Carazzo said, "and then indicated she knew her husband was a bad boy when they married, but he’s mellowed out now."

During his testimony, which carried over from Monday, Carazzo, also said witnesses interviewed by the FBI have said Greig accompanied Bulger during some instances where he worked to procure phoney identification. Other witnesses said she strolled freely on her own while hiding in plain sight with Bulger in Louisiana and later in Santa Monica.

Weeks: Greig is "Caring, Compassionate"

Kevin Weeks, once one of Bulger's closest friends who began cooperating with prosecutors when he learned Bulger was an FBI informant for years, said Greig appeared nervous just before she went on the run.

Wearing a black and white striped bowling shirt, Weeks cracked a slight smile when his eyes connected with Greig's. He said she was a "caring, compassionate" person.

He recalled meeting with her and Bulger shortly before they fled Boston.

“She was nervous person about the whole thing.”

Defense: "A Crime of Passion"

During his closing remarks in the hearing, Reddington distanced Greig from the murders allegedly carried out by Bulger.

"She has nothing to do with any of those murders or acts of violence,” he said.

He argued there was no victim in her crime.

“Her crime is a crime of passion – falling in love with this man,” he said.

Prosecutor James Herbert outlined Bulger's history of setting up safe deposit boxes under his name along with a previous girlfriend. Bulger was meticulous with his planning throughout his time as a fugitive and there's no reason to believe he wasn't ready for their capture, Herbert said.

Greig learned "the tricks of the fugitive trade" from Bulger, Herbert said.

“Common sense would dictate they had a contingency plan for just this situation," he said.

Greig's sister, Margaret McCusker, has offered to put her house up as collateral in exchange for her sister's release. But the state has no information on the value of the home, Herbert said.

The decision to take the matter under consideration will allow Boal to review the arguments presented during the hearing, which lasted about 5 hours over the course of two days. It will also allow the defense to file information on assets that could be used for collateral if release was granted.


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