Video: Union Supporters Protest Ernie Boch Outside the Wang

Ernie Boch and the Automatics got a larger crowd than expected when they opened for Deep Purple on Tuesday.

When Ernie Boch and the Automatics opened for Deep Purple at the Wang Center Tuesday night, they got a much larger crowd than they were expecting - or hoping for.

More than 300 people protested outside the Wang before the concert, in support of alleged unfair labor practices at the Boch Honda in Norwood.

Mike Vartabedian, businesses representative for the Machinist Union District 15, said the board filed complaints with the National Labor Relations Board on behalf of about 25 technicians. Problems at the plan have included firing workers for union activity, and using finances to influence a recent vote, Vartabedian said.

"[The] rally," he said, "is to tell Ernie Boch we're not going anywhere."

jm June 08, 2011 at 11:23 PM
Companies like Boch are the reason Unions are needed.
Andrew Leonesio November 22, 2012 at 01:16 AM
I've worked for Ernie Boch. The Toyota store in Attleboro is one of the worst work environments I've ever experienced. The equipment is unsafe and the facility is run down. The workers all pull 14 hour shifts and more often than not they don't get paid for the hours they work. There is no such thing as overtime either. For a billion dollar company they sure don't operate as such. Ernie Boch should be ashamed at how he treats employees.


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