Week in Review: Clio Chef Fired After Stabbing Someone During Folding Knife Demo

A look back at Back Bay Patch's top stories from Feb. 17-23.

Check out our top stories of the week below (just click the link to see the full story).

Man Teaching Woman How to Open Folding Knife at Bar Stabs Friend: The suspect a woman how to open the knife and how to make a stabbing motion. While demonstrating the stabbing motion, he stabbed the victim in the thigh, just above the knee.

Firefighters: In-Floor Heating System Caused Comm. Ave. Fire: Investigators say that in-floor radiant heating caused the three-alarm fire in a Commonwealth Avenue brownstone Wednesday morning that resulted in $5 million of damage but no injuries.

Ex-Clio Chef Charged with Stabbing Man at Crossroads: Following his arrest, a PR representative from Clio informed the Phoenix that Rodrigues was no longer employed at Clio and that the firing was tied to the knife incident.

Ten Ways to Get Started with Yoga After an Injury: Injured but looking for a road back to wellness? Yoga's benefits are plentiful. Check out how to use this healing practice to manage pain, build strength and flexibility.

Five Patriotic Presidents Day Facts

Video: Resident of Burned Building Commends Firefighters: John Walsh was in the shower at his 17 Commonwealth Ave. home when he heard smoke alarms go off Wednesday morning. Within minutes, he was outside and watching what he called an impressive response by the Boston Fire Department.

Brownsberger Will Run For Congress If Markey Wins: Brownsberger said that he hasn't always had his eye on running for Congress, but the possible opportunity to do so is too good to pass up. 

Kids' Activities in Boston During February Vacation Week: You love your kids. You really do. But with the recent snow days and the entire upcoming week spent with them at home, you're simply running out of fun things to do together. 

Cambridge Man Charged with Attempted Robbery with a Knife in Back Bay Bar: The victim stated that her purse was zipped shut when she sat down, but it was now wide open. When she asked what the suspect had taken, he reportedly grabbed her arm and shouted, “I have a knife, I’m going to cut you.”

Your Turn: What Would You Add to an MBTA Etiquette Guide?: Anyone who's spent any time on the MBTA has opinions about how their experience could be better – and a lot of those ideas involve other passengers. 


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