Woman Nabbed with Three Watches in Her Sock

The following information was supplied by the Boston Police Department. Charges listed do not imply conviction.

At 10:40 a.m. on Tuesday, officers responded to reports of shoplifting at Lord and Taylors at 760 Boylston Street.

Officers made contact with the security officer, who had monitored a female who had been a person of interest in other recent larcenies from the store. The security officer told police that they had been monitoring the suspect as she carried several watches.

The security officers told police that they had observed the suspect place three watches in her sock and headed towards the exit without paying. The suspect was apprehended at this point and the police were contacted. The suspect had three G-shock Watches, each valued at $130.

Officers charged Theresa Romikitis of 215 Athens Street, South Boston with larceny, shoplifting of $200 or more. 

Kwum January 19, 2013 at 12:46 AM
While I am no fan of thievery,, I am finding myself more and more taken aback by your incessant disturbing trend of posting the name's and addresses of people whose only crime was simple shoplifting/petty theft...How many of us have been leisurely grocery shopping and " taste test" a few grapes while shopping and not paying for it..Would that be featured here also? Yes arrest records are public and available if someone goes looking for it (employers etc) ... But would you want the local online newspapers not only featuring your arrest but violating your privacy by providing your name and HOME ADDRESS as well? I find this practice irresponsible,needlessly humiliating to the accused, and dangerous... I recall last year when you posted the name face and home address of a man suspected of attempting to entice a child for sexual purposes .. then had to RECANT a full 5 days later when the police later found out this man was unjustly accused and it was an error.. Meanwhile how do you take back the fact that this man's private information eg HOME address is out there posted here for all the world to see? Are desperate people of lower socio- economic rungs just fair game ?r My question is where are the names and residential addresses of the wall street execs who scammed people out of millions?


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