Occupy Wall Street-- Athens Style

If my opinion counts, I'd like to counter the count. Whats a little counting between friends? It's the thought that counts.

It rained all day and the temperature dropped slightly, showing signs of fall. No walking, no cycling and the day was perfect for staying inside. At 11 pm, the scarce light surrounding the UGA Arch was dim and fuzzy, it being influenced by the, misty evening.

They were there, just as reported. If someone believes strongly enough to be out in this, then someone should be paying enough attention to report on it.

“Who do I speak to for an interview?”  The question asked.

“Anyone, we are all leaders, there are no leaders.” The answer given.

The group, as a whole was migrating to the Holmes/Hunter Academic Building. It seemed to be a good place to interview or take a little footage. It is interesting to note, this footage was shot on the very steps that in 1961, Charlayne Hunter-Gualt and Hamilton Holmes, were escorted up, to become The University of Georgia’s first Afro American students. Mrs. Gualt went on to be the first Black graduate from the school.

No definable leader was making it hard to tape; the lack of light was also a problem.

“Just turn on the camera, it’ll be fine,” someone said, I did.

It was clear as soon as the camera started that this movement has no proclaimed leader, but is rich in leadership. A group of forty, possibly more, all young, recited their mission statement simultaneously and then each added their own personal contribution. None ridiculous, extreme or ignorant and none rooted in the general political stupidity our country seems to be suffering.

The only concern about being leaderless, is that, if there is a vacuum, someone will fill it and that someone might not be a good someone. While the media has been trying to mostly ignore this movement, the rest of the nation and world are paying attention, via the internet.

The unions seem to be embracing it, no surprise; they need a new movement to keep them busy. Again not necessarily a good thing, but politics or freedom makes for strange bedfellows. Any country with strong hatred for our country is all over it. After all, they want to cause us as many problems as possible, no surprise, but that cannot stop our system from working. Where is Jesse Jackson in all this? I’m just asking and wishing I hadn’t.

The general concept, as I see it, is they are trying to wake up the ninety-nine percent of Americans adversely affected by the manipulation of our government by the one percent with enough money to influence it. They believe the American Government is wearing a leash and the people who control Wall Street are firmly holding that leash. In effect they believe we are dead horses and Wall Street continues to beat us as we bleed in the streets. Is it possible that our burden as tax payers has strangled the life from us as we slept?

 Will we eventually find puppet masters hiding somewhere in the stage curtains? We may, but at this moment the movement seems to have diverse supporters and detractors. It seems the world holds an interest in the outcome and indeed it does. Pay attention there may be a test, as people and organizations scramble to associate or disassociate themselves with this cause.

When our enemies are this excited about a thing, it might change our minds. When people so completely support or condemn something, it might change the country. When 780 people will be arrested for a thing, in a matter of days, it might change the world.   

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Count Raoul December 08, 2011 at 01:35 PM
Kennesaw you referred to me (I think) in your tease so I feel obliged to weigh in here. Most of the debate following your story has been on taxes. I assure you I have opinions there, but the effort in this space will be to respond to the original post. OPW and its disciples continue to look for a reason to be where they are. It started out hating rich people and has in some cities morphed into foreclosure squatting and other popular perceived slights. What they really want is a good up or down debate to take a side on and there is not one. No lunch counter discrimination or foreign war killing draftees. They just don't like it that they are not rich. Hell, I'm not rich, but I know the path to it and am minding my own business proceeding down that path. They should too. As to Wall Street pulling the strings in DC, that's a big overstatement. Please review this link and the chart it shows. Looks like it's the Unions who are doing all the 'buying' in DC . http://www.opensecrets.org/orgs/list.php?order=A Oh, and keep up the good work, I like your style a lot.
Liza Baril Jackson December 08, 2011 at 02:41 PM
Well said! I have often tried to make that point about unions to people but lacked the information to back it up.
Kennesaw Taylor December 08, 2011 at 03:50 PM
Good morning Count, I was referring to you and would have been disappointed if you had not weighed in. I like your style as well and would not have referred to you if I didn't. We challenge the people who get our attention and try to ignore those who don't. I've been doing a column for several years and have been called a liberal son of a gun, as well as a conservative person with dubious linage, sometimes for the same article. This will continue, no doubt, but it's what keeps it fun. Hope we meet soon and have this conversation in person.
Camille Templeton December 08, 2011 at 06:43 PM
I think my point was missed. I am trying to express the difference between dollar amounts and actual tax burden. At a certain level of income, the percentage of income tax can be raised without placing a heavier burden on the tax payer.
Liza Baril Jackson December 08, 2011 at 07:06 PM
No, I think I do understand your point Camille. You believe it is not a "burden" to the rich person to pay a higher percentage because they can afford it. I guess our definitions of what a burden is is just different. To me, being forced to give up a larger percentage of what you have worked for simply because you make more than someone else and being told whom you have to give that money to is a bigger burden than paying an equal share of income tax, particularly when a large portion of the poor are being reimbursed for their percentage.


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