Patch Picks: 5 Great Family Friendly Restaurants

Local eateries that will satisfy the hunger pains of both kids and their parents.

No more "the kids are hungry, pull over at the next Burger King with a playland." If you live in or are passing through St. Louis Park, the options are much greater in terms of eateries for the whole gang. This week Patch brings you five of the best family friendly restaurants in town.

  • : M&T's is perfect for all day breakfast, lunch or a nice afternoon snack with the family. Brunch, sandwiches and desserts are their specialty, and they do them well. Don't miss this gem hidden in the Park. 
  • : This Mexican joint is Minnesota-local and is a delicious way to give the kids a taste of south-of-the-border foods. The folks will love Baja's gluten-free options, while the young ones can dine on "kidsadillas" and mini-burritos. A fun atmosphere located on Excelsior Boulevard. 
  • : Breakfast for breakfast or breakfast for lunch? Either way, speciality pancakes and breakfast items abound at this Twin Cities-local restaurant. 
  • : A St. Louis Park mainstay. Take the family out to a local pizza place that has been doing it right since 1957. If you like vegetables try the "Veggie Special" and thank Patch later. 
  • : Ever dream of an alien-themed drive-in restaurant with a "Beetlejuice"-inspired statue garden? Us too. Our dreams were realized as we passed the Galaxy on Highway 7. Bring the pets!
meghan June 23, 2011 at 07:30 PM
Mostly agree with your 5 choices. Starting at the top, M&T Munchies is by far the greatest spot to stop at in SLP to sit, sip, eat and chat. Most of their foods are home made and you can tell by how they taste. Love Baja Sol, their chips are crisp and their salsa bar has some great fresh flavors! Pannekoeken Huis, I'll pass, ate there once when they first opened and I wouldn't go back if you gave me a gift card. Beeks, yep it's a mainstay in SLP, their crust is so thin sometimes I think there are holes in it. Sausage, onion, green pepper is to die for. Now for Galaxy; as much as I love their décor, their food leaves something to be desired. I wish this guy would have put as much effort into his food quality as he did his décor quality. You missed the mark not mentioning Park Tavern. PT as it’s fondly referred to by the locals has great pizza, summer bowling deals that can’t be beat and is very kid friendly. Plus they offer free pizza during happy hour.
Michael Rose June 23, 2011 at 08:13 PM
Very good point on the Park Tavern, Meghan. Definitely a good restaurant for the whole family!
Mike Behrends June 24, 2011 at 04:42 AM
Thanks for the feedback, Meghan. I did not include Park Tavern because it will be featured in this week's "Local Places..." column. Check that article out tomorrow (Friday) for all the info and history you need on the PT.


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