Acetelyne Tank Sparks Fire at Westin Garage

Firefighters have the flames under control but are working to air out the garage. No evacuations were necessary.

Firefighters had a difficult time putting out a fire sparked by an acetelyne tank on the first floor of the garage at the at 10:11 a.m.

The fire was at the control knob of a three foot high tank strapped to a two-wheeler cart. Once the flames were out, the tank continued to bleed off acetelyne. Firefighters kept a steady stream of water on it to keep it cool, and worked with hotel building maintenance crews to bring in exhaust fans to clear the trapped smoke.

There were no injuries, and the building did not have to be evacuated.

Firefighters cleared the scene around 11 a.m. WCVB reports that the Westin may be shut down the hotel doesn't fix the exhaust fans and a stand pipe by the end of the day.


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