ACC Commission to Vote on Mandatory Recycling for Apartments and Businesses

The ACC Commission is scheduled to vote on the law on June 5.

The ACC Government will soon vote on a new law requiring apartment complexes and businesses to provide recycling for tenants and customers, according to a recent article in the Athens Banner-Herald

The new law stems from a dire need to divert waste from the County landfill. If more waste is recycled, it will help achieve the waste reduction goals set by County Commissioners in 2010. The ultimate goal is to divert 75% of waste from the landfill by 2020. 

The expense for this program, which is estimated at $100,00 for start-up and education, will be covered by a monthly tax of 60 cents for residential customers and $1.50 monthly tax for commercial customers.

The specific targets of this law are apartment complexes, many of which provide trash pick-up only in the form of large dumpsters. Residents who wish to recycle must take their recyclables to bins located around Athens, a challenging task for anyone without a car. Under the new law, the apartment complexes would have to provide an additional receptacle for all recyclable items.

Kimberley Nash May 21, 2012 at 12:08 PM
This really should have started happening a long time ago. The Clarke County Landfill has displaced so many residents due to their need to expand--not to mention the public health issues they're up against thanks to those who have been exposed to the drain-off from their "disposal" methods. I don't know how much good it will do to recycle, particularly of the residents aren't forced to use the receptacles, but it's certainly a start.
Camille Templeton May 21, 2012 at 04:30 PM
It is certainly more convenient for those who live in apartments and do not have the option of leaving their recyclables on the curb. I imagine some people get overwhelmed with having to haul it to the bins, and might just decide to throw it away instead.


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