Two Men Charged with Passing Counterfeit Bills in Back Bay Bar

The following information was supplied by the Boston Police Department and the Suffolk County District Attorney's Officer. Charges listed do not indicate convictions.

Two Rhode Island men were arraigned in Boston Municipal Court on March 19 for passing counterfeit bills at the Charlesmark Hotel at 710 Boylston Street.

At 9:21 p.m. on March 18, Felix Perez, 23, of 245 Manton Ave., Providence and Dana Leyland, 29, of 5 Dix Ave., Pawtucket were drinking at the bar. They ordered two Coronas and a Hennessey, paid with a $100 and received change. The men left after they finished their drinks.

Upon further investigation the bartender observed the money left for the tabs had a “ghost image” of President Lincoln. The bar tender suspected that the bills were counterfeit and followed two of the male suspects into Sola at the Lenox Hotel at 710 Boylston Street and called the police. The third suspect headed out on Boylston Street towards Fairfield Street and got away.

Officers arrived at Solas and asked to speak to the men outside. According to the Suffolk County District Attorney, Perez produced a Rhode Island driver’s license, but Leyland, who was drinking club soda, said he did not have identification.

The bar tender joined the men outside and said that patrons had just turned in $700 in $100 bills which were in the immediate vicinity of the two men.

Officers then took the two men into custody and found another $100 in Perez’ pocket. Officers reported that Leyland told them that his name was Mathew Gagne and then Dana McLaren, but eventually provided his true identity. At this point, officers became aware of three warrants charging him with possession and uttering counterfeit bills out of Attleboro and Taunton district courts. The police then notified the U.S. Secret Service of their arrests.

Perez was held on $1000 bail. Leyland was held on $7,500 bail. 


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