Warren Up in Polls, Herald Endorses Brown: Who's Winning?

With Warren holding a small lead in the polls, and Brown getting a key endorsement from the Boston Herald, who do you think has the momentum coming into the final days of the election?

Democrat Elizabeth Warren is up by five points over incumbent Republican Scott Brown in the latest WBUR/MassINC poll of the Massachusetts senate race. That's a near-total reversal of the BUR poll last month, which had Brown up by four on Oct. 9.

In fact, Warren has been trending upwards in most recent polling. The New York Times' FiveThirtyEight blog has Warren up by four in an average of recent polls. The blog, which uses advanced statistical modeling akin to baseball sabermetrics (think Moneyball) gives Warren an 89 percent chance of winning the election.

But Brown's got some significant energy on his side as well. He's been barnstorming the state with political luminaries like Senator John McCain and today won the Boston herald's endorsement.

So what do you think? Who has the momentum coming into the final two weeks of the election? Do the polls in liberal-leaning Massachusetts mean anything to you, or will Brown's high-profile support sway the electorate? Give us your prediction in the comments below!

John R. Murphy October 25, 2012 at 05:02 PM
Campaign Update: Because the "Townies" appear to be overwhelming supporting Scott Brown in the Senate race, the word around "The Town" is that the Warren campaign has signed up Doug MacDonald to handle things for her here for the duration. Not sure who he actually replaced, but there hasn't been much of a Warren presence here to date. MacDonald has a long history of supporting Democratic candidates here in Charlestown.
Richie October 25, 2012 at 09:27 PM
Warren will win handily if the Mayor puts his full effort and that of his machine on the side of her election. Otherwise, too close to call.
Working Man October 25, 2012 at 11:01 PM
I guess You are both Right John and Richie... There where over 30 people in city Square for her Standout tonight....Looks like Doug and the Mayor are pulling out all the stops ,,, Rumors is there will be 100 signs up over the weekend with 1 week to go!!!!!
John R. Murphy October 25, 2012 at 11:23 PM
That's good news for Warren. To date, there has only been one poor old woman standing alone in Thompson Sq. There are more Brown signs up here than Warren signs. Doug MacDonald knows how to win elections.
Joe Dingleberry October 26, 2012 at 03:05 AM


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