With 10 Days to Go, Brown Picks Up Key Endorsements

Regional dailies Cape Cod Times and The Patriot Ledger throw their weight behind incumbent Republican Senator Scott Brown over challenger Elizabeth Warren.

Challenger Elizabeth Warren may lead in the most recent polling, but incumbent Senator Scott Brown has racked up more key endorsements in the high-profile race.

The Quincy-based Patriot Ledger and Cape Cod Times both endorsed Brown on Saturday. Brown picked up the Boston Herald editorial board's support earlier in the week. 

Both The Patriot Ledger and Times cover areas that Brown easily carried in 2010, when he defeated Attorney General Martha Coakley for the senate seat, left vacant when Ted Kennedy passed away.

The editorial board at the Patriot Ledger wrote that both candidates would make fine senators, but thought Brown's early track record has been strong enough to merit a return to the upper chamber.

"As with many of our federal races, we have been pleased to find that qualified and sincere candidates from multiple parties have chosen to run for elective office. Voters may have difficult choices to make at the polls," read the editorial. "The race for U.S. Senate is one such example—but we believe Scott Brown deserves re-election based on his legislative record."

The Times, meawhile, lauded Brown's bipatisan approach in the Senate and his focus on the economy.

"We don't agree with Brown on everything, but we strongly support his assertion that the biggest issue facing Massachusetts and the country as a whole is the economy, and we believe his independent approach—supporting what makes the best sense, regardless of party—is critical to getting things done in an increasingly broken Washington, D.C., where partisan bickering and maneuvering has led to gridlock at a time when we simply cannot afford to stand still," read the editorial.

Peter R October 28, 2012 at 03:25 PM
Scott brown is no Independent. He has "Kodak moments" of certain votes but he voted 42 times with Republicans in the Senate to obstruct government. If the biggest issue is the economy, what political party sat by and did nothing while the banks ripped off the country, liquidity dried up and commerce came to a grinding halt? And they had the audacity to suggest that the Auto Industry be abandoned which would have precipitated a deep economic depression. Idiots. The only thing broken in Washington is the thinking and behavior of Republican and Tea Party politicians. Obama's Health care is right. The Republicans hate that "Health Care for Profit" has been undermined. They also hate Medicare, Social Security and Unemployment Compensation but they are incapable of consistently producing a robust economy that makes such programs less important. Scott Brown and the Republican Party consistently lie on television and fill the airwaves with false information because they need the votes of the ignorant and the misinformed to be elected. Scott brown has campaigned negatively, constantly lying about and disparaging his opponent (Elizabeth Warren). I will not vote for a candidate that commits libel and slander (which are crimes) in an attempt to gain an office that they obviously do not deserve and probably never did.


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