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140 Clarendon St, Boston, MA 02116

Boston's YWCA – the first to be opened in the U.S. – has a long history of social activism and advocacy.More Today, the YMCA is more active than ever, offering a number of programs and classes with the aim of empowering women, fighting against racial prejudice, and alleviating the plight of urban youth. 

These programs include the Youth/Police Dialogues (a campaign to build trust between young people and policemen, in the hopes of curbing urban violence), women's health classes, financial literacy workshops, community outreach, professional development/career counseling, Stand Against Racism, and the Academy of Women Achievers (an evolving list, begun in 1995, to honor particular women for their civic and professional achievements). 

The YMCA also provides affordable, temporary housing for women and students, and they advocate politically on behalf of women, youth, minorities, and the poor.  This YMCA is located at 140 Clarendon St., which is a newly renovated historical headquarters. The YMCA relies heavily upon an activist volunteer base, and opportunities for service abound. 

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